Steelwater Gun Safes Vs Liberty Gun Safes

There are a lot of different gun safes on the market, but two of the most popular brands are Steelwater and Liberty. Both companies make high-quality gun safes that will keep your firearm safe and secure. In addition, both brands have unique features and benefits that help gun owners meet different needs.

In this comparison post, we’ll compare Steelwater gun safes with Liberty gun safes to help you decide which type of gun safe is right for your needs. We will look at the purpose, prices, features, and more to help you decide which brand is right for you.

Steelwater Gun Safes

The Steelwater Gun Safes Company is an all-American company that is a big name in the gun safe industry. Steelwater gun safes are one of the most stable gun manufacturers. They are known for their excellent quality and affordable gun safes. Many reviews from users of the Steelwater gun safes say the company is reliable, their gun safes are well constructed, and they are affordable.

Steelwater Gun Safes Company has a variety of safes with different features for different purposes you can select from. No matter your needs as a gun owner, Steelwater gun safes have something made just for you and no matter how many guns you have. In addition, most Steelwater gun safes are fireproof, so you should be at peace because your valuables are safe. Feedback from users also confirmed that the gun safe is easy to install.

Another great thing about Steelwater gun safes is that it is easy to find replacement parts for Steelwater gun safes, even if they are old. This is because their mechanical components have remained almost the same over the years. In addition, the Steelwater gun safe company also manufactured these spare parts constantly. This increases the likelihood of your gun safe being fixed, you don’t need to buy a new gun safe.

Steelwater is well known for its long gun safes and home safes. Steelwater’s long gun safe lineup offers popular safes like 16-gun, 20-gun, and 22-gun safe sizes. There are two main variants for each of these sizes. The variants are standard-duty, heavy-duty, and extreme-duty. The names practically speak for themselves, from the least strong to the strongest.

With a minimum of 14 gauge steel, Steelwater’s standard variant is potent and has fire resistance. The heavy-duty comes with 12 gauge steel, and the extreme duty is 9 gauges. The variant doesn’t change how the gun safes look on the outside. However, you see the difference from the variants; the difference between the thickness of the walls. You should also know that the thicker the walls, the less the interior volume and the heavier the safe is. The variants are also used in determining the price of the safes. The stronger the gun safe, the more it will cost you. The standard versions are less expensive, and the heavy and extreme duty gets increasingly costly. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend on the gun safe and how much security or capacity you want.

Liberty Gun Safes

Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc. has been one of the famous gun safe brands for a long time. Founded in 1988, they are specialized in gun safes and other security products like commercial and home safes. All these products they have under their wings are made with the same care and professionalism. And their quality ensures that you get the quality you deserve in whatever safe you buy. All their gun safes offer the same quality that you would need from a gun safe. They are known as one of the top gun safe makers worldwide. Liberty Gun Safes are slightly expensive, but they provide value for money. You can rest assured that a Liberty seal can resist prey and drill attacks from unauthorized persons. And it also keeps your guns away from your children’s reach.

Each Liberty gun safe delivers top-notch reliability and security. Many safe users have come to choose the Liberty gun safes because of their reputation in the industry, backed by excellent customer service. However, critics also consider Liberty gun safes one of the best brands in its category.

They have large gun safes that can hold 64 firearms, an economy-size safe that holds 24 guns, and liberty safes for handguns. With brilliant marketing based on high-quality products, innovation, and technologically advanced security, their products are almost everywhere; full-service dealers and mass retail outlets.

Liberty gun safes are also backed with a lifetime warranty which protects you against manufacturer defects, fire damage, and break-in attempts. The best part is that the warranty is transferable and comes with a five-year warranty on the lock and finish.

Steelwater Gun Safes Or Liberty Gun Safes?

Made From Great Quality Materials

The Steelwater Gun Safes Company focuses on minor details as much as the overall quality of their safe. Because they want to be proud of their models, they don’t use particle board in the shelving and materials that will lower the overall quality of their gun safes.

Liberty gun safes are also made with high-quality materials, and this has been proved by testing them. The gun safes passed the drop text, the prey test, the crash test, and the heat and explosion test, among others. So you should rest assured that their products were made to give you the security you need and are also made to last.

Steelwater Gun Safes Are Fireproof And With Mounting Abilities

Apart from the durability of Steelwater gun safes, they are also fireproof and offer extra value. They also come with pre-drilled holes that help you mount them to the floor for additional protection.

On the other hand, Liberty gun safes do not have this feature. So if you are looking for a gun safe that can survive fire, go straight for the Steelwater gun safe.

They Don’t Make Unnecessary Changes

We have already talked about how they keep their mechanical components the same over the years. Steelwater gun safes don’t need to release new models with different mechanical compositions every year because they want their customers to find it easy when they are looking for spare parts in the future. So instead, they are focused on improving their new models.

This is not a feature you would find with the Liberty gun safe. They make models with different mechanical composition and it is not easy to find spare parts like you would find with Steelwater gun safes.

Gun Safes For Every Occasion

Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc. is specialized in gun safes and is one of the biggest gun safe makers in the market. With a large number of gun safes on the market, they have a gun safe for every occasion. They have small, big, portable, biometric, mechanical, and other types of safes to offer gun owners. So if you like Liberty gun safes, no matter your need, there is a brand that can work for you.

Steelwater gun safes also have different sizes, but they don’t have portable gun safes. Their gun safes are normally made to be mounted or stationed.

Products Include A Warranty

A warranty shows how confident the producer is in their product. For example, liberty gun safes come with a warranty which means that they are 100 percent sure about the durability and stability of their product. And in case something should still happen, you get your money back.

Steelwater gun safes come with a lifetime warranty against burglary and fire. To qualify for a warranty, make sure the safe is properly mounted. Any gun safe which is not properly mounted will not be eligible for repair and replacement under the Lifetime Burglary Warranty.

Each safe from Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc. comes with a 5-year warranty on the lock and a transferable lifetime warranty for their body parts.

Steelwater Gun Safes Or Liberty Gun Safes?

It is quite difficult to say which gun safe is the best in this review because both gun safe companies offer top-notch quality with their brands. Both companies have a variety of gun safes for every occasion, and they have proven to be masters in commercial and home security over the years. As a result, they will do the job in terms of the quality they offer.

Their prices are also quite reasonable, considering the quality products they offer. So in terms of pricing, they both offer almost the exact pricing.

The first thing that differentiates Steelwater gun safes from their Liberty counterparts is that Liberty gun safes have some portable gun safe models to offer. Steelwater doesn’t have any model portable to offer. All their gun safes are heavy and are meant to be mounted. So if you are looking for a gun safe you can carry around, Steelwater is not the choice you can go for. But Liberty gun safes offer models like the Small Liberty Gun Safe HD-50, the HD-100, and the Liberty Biometric Gun Safe HDX-150 that you can carry around to protect yourself and loved ones.

Another thing that separates these two gun safes is their ability to resist fire. Steelwater gun safes have explicitly stated that their gun safes are fire resistant, but we have not seen that for liberty gun safes. So if you are worried about fire situations and want to keep your guns and other valuables safe, this might be your deciding factor.

Apart from these differences, you should consider that these two brands have what it takes to satisfy your gun safes.


When it comes to top-notch gun safes, you can’t go wrong with either Steelwater or Liberty. Both brands offer a wide range of options to suit any need and budget, and they’re both backed by a commitment to quality craftsmanship. So whether you’re looking for a basic model to keep your valuables safe or a top-of-the-line option to protect your entire collection, either brand is sure to have what you’re looking for.

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