Sports Afield 30 Gun Safe Review

If you are a gun owner reading this review, the chances are you are looking for a 30 gun safe for your firearms. Or you are specifically looking to invest in the Sports Afield 30 gun safe. Whichever the case may be, you are at the right place. Because we prepared this article to tell you all you need to know about the Sports Afield 30 gun safe that will help you make your purchasing order.

Sports Afield gun safes are made to give firearm owners convenience and day or night ready access to their valuables. At Sport Afield safes, their products are made to shield your weapons and other valuables from praying eyes and opportunistic thieves.

The Sports Afield 30 gun safe was created to help gun owners protect their guns and valuables from fire, smoke, water, and theft. The gun safe has more shelves and space for your firearms, ammo, and other valuables. But you should know there is no way this safe will hold 30 guns unless you remove all the shelves and stack the guns together. This shouldn’t be a worry because none of the 30 gun safes on the market will have the capacity to hold 30 guns. But taking nothing from it, this is a great gun safe for its price.

Features of the Sports Afield 30 Gun safe

The features of the Sports Afield 30 gun safe place it ahead of some of the 30 gun safes on the market. Sports Afield gun safes made sure they give their gun safes the features that will protect their users and do that conveniently. For example, their patented notch bolt technology provides the gun safe with additional protection against preying. It also comes with a 10 sizeable one-inch steel bolt, an Alarm-U theft alert, and 30 minutes fire protection rating at 1400 degrees F, among other unique features.

40 Minutes Fire Protection at 1400 degrees F

The Sports Afield 30 gun safe features 40-minute fire protection at 1400 degrees F. This means your guns and other valuables are safe in the event of a fire outbreak. Apart from fire, the gun safe is also protected against smoke and water. In addition, the gun safe is waterproof for days in up to 2 feet of standing water.

Solid body Constructed with security in mind.

This rugged fireproof safe from Sports Afield gun safes was made with your security in mind. The Uni-weld body is constructed out of industrial grade 16 gauge steel and crafted to stand the test of time and resist preying from unauthorized users.

Top-grade Locking Systems

A patented notch bolt technology gives you and your family additional barriers against theft and forced break in. In addition, you have 10 large one-inch steel bolts to keep your valuables safe from unauthorized break-ins. With the Sports Afield 30 gun safe, you have extra protection with the electronic combination lock with Print Guard technology. This technology disguises fingerprint patterns on the lock face. To access the full keypad, you are required to enter the two random digits that illuminate, and this will create a random pattern of fingerprints across the keypad. On top of all these high-security locking systems, they have added a Lockout Mode, Tamper Indicator, two Fail Safe override keys, and optional Silent Entry Mode.

You may be thinking with all these locking system features, you may have to break the bank before you can get the Sports Afield 30 gun safe. But that is not the case, we thought so too, until we checked the price.

Deluxe interior

Another great feature of the Sports Afield 30 gun safe is the fully carpeted interior with built-in LED lighting. The shelves and barrel rest are adjustable to allow you to create your space when necessary. In addition, there is also an additional storage option with the deluxe interior door organizer. There is also a UL-rated internal power outlet with three receptacles and two USB ports.

It just keeps getting better with Sports Afield’s Lifetime Warranty which is considered the industry’s best-in-class. The warranty covers your entire safe against theft, fire, natural flood, locks, parts, and paints. Another security enhancement includes a low battery warning that is there to help you keep the gun safe accessible at all times.

Sports Afield 30 gun safe Specification

  • Safe Type: Long gun
  • Patented notch bolt technology
  • 10 large 1″ steel bolts
  • Alarm-U Theft Alert programmable alarm
  • 40-minute fire protection rating at 1400 degrees F
  • 4 mounting holes for safe mounting into the floor
  • Electronic combination lock
  • Internal outlet with 3 receptacles and 2 USB ports
  • Lifetime attack warranty
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 1-year satisfaction guarantee warranty
  • Product Weight: 386 lbs
  • Exterior dimensions is 28″W x 20″D x 60″H
  • Batteries included
  • Water resistance rating: 2 feet of water for up to 7 days
  • Exterior depth (in.): 19
  • Exterior height (in.): 55
  • Stores up to 30 long guns + 3 handguns and 1 long gun

Why Should I Buy the Sports Afield 30 gun safe?

This gun safe was designed with your utmost protection in mind. And it has all the right features to do just that. The gun safe may not be able to hold 30 guns, but with the adjustable shelves and deluxe interior door organizer, you have enough space to store about 18 guns. As a result, it is the best fireproof and waterproof gun safe for securing your gun collection and other valuables.

With all the locking systems, you are buying peace of mind when you decide to go for the Sports Afield 30 gun safe. They top it up with solid body construction and a deluxe interior. So, if you are in the market looking for a gun safe for your long guns, consider the Sports Afield 30 gun safe.

Bottom Line

The Sports afield 30 gun safe is one of the most popular gun safes on the market. The gun safe is made by a well-known company and has a lot of features that make it attractive to gun owners. We have not come across any drawbacks to this safe yet. However, it would be best if you do your research before you purchase it.

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